Getting There

I am getting there. 

Attending The Iron Yard is the best decision I have made in a while. I am loving what I am doing with coding. I am learning to build stuff! I am learning how the web as we know it is built and its extremely exciting. 

Just like most of you reading this, I have used the internet for some time but never truly understood how this all works. How does the text get put on the page? Where do the colors come from? What makes the submit button do stuff? And that’s the fun part to me. I am getting that info and a glimpse at the history of it coming about. 

But there is SO much to learn! It is taking time to sink in. Every Friday and with every touch-base I have told my instructors: “The things I have learned last week are finally starting to sink in this week.” This seems to be my theme and motivation.

Some of this stuff is really confusing, and if you blink during lecture, you miss it. Sometimes I learn something, but that newfound knowledge is not reinforced until days later. But rather than get discouraged by this, I choose to embrace it. I just see it as my pattern and learning speed and I know that I am getting there.